Strip-Related Art

---Concept Art---

davepoop.jpg (288930 bytes)

A collection of designs for Dave. Notice the original version of him in the box. This is the version you see in the first seven "beta" strips. When I decided that I would indeed go ahead with the comic, I saw need to change him to make him more fox-like. Hence the "V. 2.0".

richpoop.jpg (268153 bytes)

The same as above, only for Rich. Rich was originally meant to be a grouchey sort, as some of these pictures reflect, but I eventually decided that he would serve better as a surly, apathetic laid-back type; a foil to Dave's up-tight character.

caitpoop.jpg (241094 bytes)

Caitlin was trouble to design. I'm not that good at drawing and found it difficult to draw her profile. I tried drawing her with varying degrees of slutiness(most of which aren't shown here) but eventually settled on her pants and non-revealing jumper, for ease of drawing if nothing else. Notice also, the "Y" in her name. I chose the "I" spelling in the end, beacuse I think it's more Irish.

ryanpoop.jpg (249640 bytes)

Ryan was the result of a doodle that I happened to draw and liked the result of. I didn't even change anything. The different pictures here are more practice than a design process.

---Other pictures

artdave.jpg (133512 bytes)

An unused (and unfinished) potential bio pic for Dave.

artcait.jpg (118869 bytes)

And one for Caitlin

ryan_hstand.jpg (224643 bytes)

Just a sketch of Ryan doing a handstand. Not much more to say other than that Ryan's probably my favourite character (to draw, anyway) so you can expext more pictures of him. This drawing reminds me of a Levi's ad or something. 

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