---Other Comics---

Vince Suzukawa is the GOD of webcomics and furry art. It's as simple as that. This comic is retired, but his new project, ISO, will be here soon! Whet your apetite for it by reading The Class Menagerie! It's centred around a group of college students attending what is probably the zaniest university in existence. Giant robots and "Three's Company-esque" misunderstandings abound!

Follow the triumphs and pitfalls of Tifanny Tiger, supermodel extraordinare!

Meet Jack. He's a rabbit. He's also the grim reaper. This epic comic is amazing. Read it. Love it.

This comic is, in my opinion, one of the funniest on the web! While I love the others, I sometimes find american humour a little lacking. I'm sure many americans can say the same about British(or in this case, Irish) humour, so chalk it up to cultural differences! Anyway, before I get too political, Neko The Kitty Rocks, and Square and Circle literally have me crying with laughter! Read it! Now!


Another INSANELY funny comic, S.S.D.D. has U.K. life down to a "T". Just make sure you don't piss yourself!

Unfortunalely, this comic is on hiatus, but check out what's there so far and drool over Litho's art!

Another amazing comic. This one's in the form of a comic book, with the pages being uploaded on a schedule and a printed comic book released once or twice a year. The art is amazing and the story is riveting. Check it out!



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